Literature for Teaching

Voice Repertoire from a Developmental Perspective

ISBN: 978-0-9905073-0-7, 238 pages, $50.00 + free domestic shipping

by Christopher Arneson, DMA & Lauren Athey-Janka

This first of its kind text explores voice repertoire from a unique perspective: how it can be used to foster the vocal growth of developing singers. Following in the footsteps of seminal works including Kagen's Music for the Voice, Arneson presents insights into a vast range of specific repertoire, both on and off the beaten track, showing how it can be used to support and enhance learning and skills acquisition in singers, from beginners to experienced professionals.

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Arneson’s Literature for Teaching presents a systematic approach for evaluating and assigning repertoire to students of singing, based on a set of rubrics that quantify levels of technical and musical difficulty. Using this text, you will learn how to evaluate repertoire for your own use as a singer or teacher.  Over 200 songs and arias are analyzed in detail. A massive index of over 800 songs and arias classifies individual selections according to their optimal pedagogic use.  Compiled with the assistance of Lauren Athey-Janka.



Companion anthologies are now available for soprano, mezzo soprano, tenor, baritone, and bass. Each volume includes ten songs and arias in Italian, German, French, and English, along with phonetic transcriptions, translations, and vocal exercises to help acheive mastery of each selection. The price is $20.00 per volume, or $75.00 when all five are purchased together. We also offer a special combo package that includes Literature for Teaching bundled together with all five volumes of Solo Vocal Repertoire for Singers and Teachers of Singers for $105.00 (30% discount).


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Excerpt from Literature for Teaching


Student Profiling
Evaluating & Categorizing Repertoire
Developing a Difficulty Rating System & Teaching Plan with Rubrics
Special Considerations
Very Young Students, Preteen/Precollege, University/Developing Professional, Mature Adult Singers, Transitioning Voices, The Young Bass, Special Needs Singers
Other Repertoire Consideration: Operatic Arias, Musical Theater, 20th & 21st Century
The How-to Chapter
Songs for Improving Registration, Breathing & Breath Support, Phonation & Resonance, Articulation and Expression
Suggested Repertoire for Technical Issues
Articulation, Breathing, Registration, Resonance, Support, Transitioning from Alto to Soprano, Transitioning from Baritone to Tenor               146
Suggested Repertoire by Genre
Baroque Arias, Beginning Bass, Easier Songs by Important Composers
Song and Aria Index for a Variety of Technical Goals and Genres
Agility, Articulation, Breathing, Legato, Registration, Resonance, Support, Transition from alto to soprano, Transition from baritone to tenor, Baroque arias, Beginning Bass, Characterization
Easier operatic arias for baritone
Easier operatic arias for bass
Easier operatic arias for mezzo
Easier operatic arias for soprano
Easier operatic arias for tenor
Easier songs by important composers
Harmonically interesting songs
Humorous songs
Rhythmic interest
Bibliography of Reference Sources
Song & Aria Title index
Composer index