Your Voice: An Inside View, 3rd edition

by Lucinda Halstead, M.D., and Scott McCoy

Multimedia examples for Chapter 9: Health

Please see the printed textbook for explanatory material for each example.

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Example 9/1a


Example 9/1b


Example 9/2a


Example 9/2b


Example 9/3a


Example 9/3b


Example 9/3c


Example 9/4


Example 9/5a

Example 9/5b


Example 9/5c


Example 9/6a


Example 9/6b


Example 9/6c


Example 9/7a


Example 9/7b


Example 9/8a


Example 9/8b


Example 9/10


Example 9/11a


Example 9/11b


Example 9/12a


Example 9/12b


Example 13/13a


Example 9/13b


Example 9/14a 


Example 9/14b


Example 9/14c


Example 9/14d


Example 9/14e


Example 9/14f


Example 9/14g


Example 9/14h


Example 9/15a


Example 9/15b


Example 9/15c


Example 9/15d


Example 9/16a


Example 9/16b

Example 9/16c

Example 9/16d

Example 9/16e


Example 9/17a


Example 9/17b


Example 9/17c


Example 9/17d


Example 9/17e


Example 9/17f


Example 9/18a


Example 9/18b


Example 9/18c


Example 9/18d


Example 9/19a


Example 9/19b


Example 9/19c


Example 9/20a


Example 9/20b


Example 9/21a


Example 9/21b


Example 9/21c


Example 9/22a (repeat of 9/1a)


Example 9/22b (repeat of 9/1b)



Example 9/23a (another repeat of 9/1a--see above)



Example 9/23b (another repeat of 9/1b--see above)


Example 9/23c


Example 9/23d


Example 9/23e