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Your Voice: the Basics
Multimedia Voice Science and Pedagogy
ISBN 978-0-9905073-1-4

by Scott McCoy

At last, the abridged version of Your Voice: An Inside View that so many people have requested. This new text features material drawn from the original, plus new material dealing with acoustics in an extremely user-friendly format. This book might be your perfect solution for undergraduate pedagogy and voice science instruction, providing solid information on singing anatomy and physiology, vocal health, and the development of critical listening skills. Acoustics and voice analysis are approached holistically, focusing on big-picture elements, rather than the nuts-and-bolts (and equations) of advanced study. The Basics continues the precedent set by Inside View, including a wealth of video, audio, and high-resolution images in support of the text. But now--and at long last--they stream directly in the text (iBooks version only). Available as a e-textbook in iBooks format for iOS and OS-X, as a secure PDF for use on PCs and Android Devices, and also now in print (ships by August 22, 2016). Read more...

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$39.99 (Print version--mutlimeda content is keyed to a website). Now Available! (ISBN 978-0-9905073-5-2)

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LFT coverLiterature for Teaching
Voice Repertoire from a Developmental Perspective
ISBN: 978-0-9905073-0-7

by Christopher Arneson, DMA

This first of its kind text explores voice repertoire from a unique perspective: how it can be used to foster the vocal growth of developing singers. Following in the footsteps of seminal works including Kagen's Music for the Voice, Arneson presents insights into a vast range of specific repertoire, both on and off the beaten track, showing how it can be used to support and enhance learning and skills acquisition in singers, from beginners to experienced professionals. Read more...


$50.0o (+ free shipping)


Your Voice CoverYour Voice: An Inside View
second edition (ISBN:978-0-9755307-8-8)

by Scott McCoy, DMA
with Lucinda Halstead, MD

Your Voice: An Inside View is the new standard in pedagogic literature for the voice. Already among the most widely used texts in pedagogy classes in the United States and abroad, the second edition is significantly enlarged and reorganized, making it even more accessible and user friendly. You will find a wealth of new information about resonance, voice analysis, and voice registration, along with a new chapter on vocal health and hygiene by Dr. Lucinda Halstead, MD. The text is supplemented by dozens of new videos, images, and multimedia examples. Read more...



FoGVT coverFundamentals of Great Vocal Technique
The Teachings of Michael Trimble

by Michael Trimble

compiled and edited by Richard di Renzi and Christopher Arneson


Trimble shared the stage and studied with many of the greatest singers of the 20th century. He passes along his extraordinary insights into singing, based on the principles of Bel Canto and the experiences of world-renowned practitioners of the vocal art. His techniques are certain to help singers rise to the highest level of achievement. Trimble is among a truly rare breed in the singing community: an extraordinary artist with a long, successful career, and a gifted teacher who is able to bring out the best in all his students. Read more...


Sing Into Your Sixties... And Beyond!
A manual and anthology for group and individual voice instruction

by Sangeetha Rayapati, DMA

Sing Into YourSixties is the first book of its kind: a user’s manualwith supporting age-appropriate song anthology specifically addressing the special needs of older singers and their teachers. Our bodies change as we age—many of these changes directly impact how we sing. Whether you are a lifelong singer or a newcomer to the art, you will find valuable information to help you sing at your best. Read more...


3kidsThe Kid and the Singing Teacher
Instructional DVD

by Robert Edwin and Barbara Wilson Arboleda

Forget the mythology! Join Robert and Barbara on an entertaining, educational adventure that will increase your knowledge and comfort in teaching children to sing. This program is packed with over 2 hours of voice pedagogy and physiology, along with plenty of opportunity to see these in action with real children. Included is a special section on voice disorders and two complete mini lessons to help incorporate what you will learn. Dive in, meet the kids, and feel their passion for song! Read more...



ResonanceResonance in Singing
Voice Building through Acoustic Feedback
-includes VoceVista Pro Analysis Software for PC

by Donald Gray Miller, PhD

Resonance in Singing provides an example of how science can meet the voice studio in an exciting and highly applicable fashion. The ability to use VoceVista-Pro as a tool to enhance one’s teaching is now possible for all, thanks to this insightful, well-organized, multimedia presentation by Dr. Miller. I would encourage all readers to do their own investigation into all of the resonance strategies found in this book. Read more...

girl on stageA Most Rewarding Independent Music Studio

by Laurie Lee Cosby & Donna Hinds Sawyers

Cosby & Sawyers present their successful business model, inspired by their collaborative music studio, Studio Bella Voce. They share their insights with engaging honesty and humor, relating the highs and lows en route to a thriving musical venture. All independent music teachers—from singers to trombonists—will benefit from their joint wisdom. A must-have for private teachers! Read more...


coming soon

Great Teachers on Great Singing

by Robin Rice, DMA

This new text by Robin Rice follows in the footsteps of Jerome Hines' classicGreat Singers on Great Singing, but from a pedagogic perspective. Rice spent countless hours interviewing and observing the teaching of many of the most successful singing teachers in the United States. The result is a facinating compendium that is sure to enlighten every voice teacher and singer. The book is scheduled for release by early 2016. Please return to www.voxped.com often for further updates.